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Cat Janice - White Shoes lyrics, letra, Paroles

I’m a little caffeine wreck
Been overthinking
So tired of being so damn stressed
I’m working for my long weekend
My bubbly vibe is no disguise
For the mess I’m in
But when I wake up in the morning
And I’m zoning
For a moment

I put my
White shoes on carry on got me feeling louderHair let down turn around let me dance about it

Looking forward to the night
I’m obsessed with my sequin dress
Glitter mastermind
But I think I’m falling out of touch
just enough
To make it Feel like I’m dreaming (under), hypnotized
But there’s one thing that I know will
Get me up to go
Get me on my flow

Music Lyrics: Catherine Ipsan, Austin Bello
| Rating: 5.0/2
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