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Текст песни A113 - Never forget

Премьера песни "A113 - Never forget" состоялась в 2016 году.
I`m sick and tired of dying every day.
I`ll never forget the shade of my soul flying away.
I wake up in a cold sweat again.
I know what we have to face with.
But i can do nothing.

The fears are not gonna go away.
I`m afraid of loosing everything again.
I appreciate every single moment.
Cuz I know exactly.
There is a deadlock in the end.
I`m trying to do everything in the other way.
But it leads to one thing.
Our desteny can`t be changed.
Our desteny can`t be changed.

No one is gonna save us.
Smudged thoughts.
Desperation in the eyes.
I just want to fall a sleep.
And to dissolve among your dreams.

(Автор Артур Аблингис)