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Текст песни Anny Sky - Chikki Boom

Премьера песни "Anny Sky - Chikki Boom" состоялась - 29 сентября 2015.
I wanna party.
I wanna dance.
We feel the rhythm.
Let’s take the chance.

-My body’s moving slowly to you, I can feel you.

Shake your ass, feel the groove.
You wanna see my body moving to you.
Clap your clap your hands.
Feel the rhythm, shake your ass.
Tonight with me you wanna dance too fast.

You take my hand.
Our dances never end.
My hips are moving to the beat.
Just dance, get rid of the heavy lead, оh, e.

-Your body’s moving slowly to me, can you feel me?


You feel my breath.
You wanna dance.
We’re off the ground.
Can you sing loud?