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Текст песни Scooter - Riot

Совершенно неожиданно Scooter анонсировали новый сингл под названием Riot! Трек с зажигательным жестким ритмом и электро гитарами взорвет любого! Премьера песни "Scooter - Riot" состоялась - 29 августа 2015.
I can't be more than I'm already am.
I'm terrified. Come with me. I love you.

To the beat, to the floor, to the hardcore.
Take it there, everywhere you're in our law.
The bassline is the rumble.
Shout it out to the concrete jungle.
Don't sweat it, no way.
Forget it, okay.
Here is the next viking.
Cheers through the pilgrim's chin.

Here we start with a brand new face.
Nothing but ace, gonna rock the place.
I lose myself, I lose control.
Always time for a booty call.
Don't sweat it, don't wait.
It's never too late.
It's all about to change.
Not tomorrow but today.


Blow out the place, MC Ace.
In your face without delay.
A thousand days, a thousand nights.
Don't give up, fight the fight.
Don't sweat it, no wait.
Forget it, okay.
It's all about to change.
Not tomorrow but today.


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