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Текст песни Владислав Курасов - Follow the Play

Премьера песни "Владислав Курасов - Follow the Play" состоялась - 25 ноября 2016 года.
Hey, we had it all, I’m not asking more.
Can I keep it all in soul? I’d keep its glow.
I know we are clear so while we’re here.
Let’s play one more show so no memories go,
As if we’re still lovers.

Play; follow a play like we are still on a stage.
Play; follow a play so no melody fades.
Cause during that part I don’t hear my heart,
Which is keeping pretend it could love once again.

Hey, where you go? Can’t you wait or so?
Although I’m fine with ages left behind back door.
I know it’s a time for saying goodbye,
So let’s get to place where no melody fades
As if it still matters.