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Текст песни Yogya Parsai - An Anthological Story

One successive hour damaged my timbre
Low wineskin paid homage to keeper
Materialised omen reclusive vulpine
Nocturnal trysts lingered under a sign
Sere container diffidence notorious
Bravado spend thrift
Tendu famous leaves notorious.
Hoor elicit tahmat aghast
Grotesque night inarticulated.
Lumbering odyssey palpitated shine
Eloping witch from cave number nine
A golden tumblers for spectral hole
The city at the helm wistfully treacle
By bedlam medley went to pieces de dark
Minister of light fathoms energy de bark.
Holes lurched gently, stirring pollutions
Basic apathy, vivacious populations
Brave light thief
Tendu famous leaves unanimous.
Abominations... of... all...
Revolting prayer inaudible contentment
Indecent monopoly displayed benevolent
Devilry demure fugitive submission
Lance, so, vindictive homicidal mission
Avoided ambush primeval frontier ghost
Languor despised the hunt of host
Crowd impinge blazes continuous
Bravado light thief
Tendu famous leaves unanimous,
Brave spend thrift
Tendu famous leaves
Notorious... pollutions... of... all... an
Anthological story, an ugly great curse and downfall.
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